Windlesham Times November 2020

Windlesham Times November 2020

International Men’s Day

This month it was International Men’s day and we seized the opportunity to celebrate our male Residents.

Many of our male Residents enjoy visiting the pub, as this is not possible at the moment, we brought the pub to them! Our activities coordinator Sarah and one of our Residents Muriel worked very hard to create ‘The Deer Stalker’ pub to surprise the men!
No trip to the pub would be complete without a pub lunch and Chef Martin created a delicious traditional pub menu, which everyone enjoyed! We bought a large selection of local
ales for the men to sample. To help create an authentic pub setting we sourced some traditional beer mats and printed handmade pub menus. The bar was stocked with old fashioned pub snacks and for a nostalgic touch Chef Martin
even made homemade picked eggs!

We purchased a dart board and spent a fabulous afternoon playing darts, cards and of course enjoying our beers and snacks. Everyone agreed it was a fabulous surprise, the only thing up for debate was… which is better: ‘bitter’ or ‘ale?’

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Windlesham Times October 2020

Windlesham Times October 2020

Five Star Food

A well deserved congratulations to Chef Martin and the whole kitchen team, who once again on our surprise ‘food standard energy inspection’ achieved an outstanding 5 Stars Food Hygiene Rating. We have maintained this top, excellent rating for 6 years and cannot thank the whole kitchen team enough for their hard work and dedication.

At Windlesham Manor the kitchen is truly the heart of our home. Everyday Chef Martin and the whole team cook the most delicious, fresh meals to cater to everyone’s taste. Throughout the pandemic we have definitely used food as theatre too. We plan many food based activities and celebrations that everyone can enjoy. Our Residents love food tasting activities. It is a lot more than the food tasting itself, it’s a lovely social activity that promotes conversation and debate. Food is also a powerful reminiscence tool. A nostalgic meal or a traditional celebration can rekindle so many lovely memories for our Residents.

The kitchen team always go that extra mile to make everyday special for our Residents and we take this opportunity to highlight their hard work and to say thank you!

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Windlesham Times September 2020

Windlesham Times September 2020

Virtual Bake Off

In support of Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning we held our very own virtual Bake Off! We are proud to have baked, decorated and donated £150 to Macmillan.

Relatives & staff made some superb cakes, then sent us the photos for our residents to select the winner! We may not be able to enjoy the scrumptious cakes together in person at the
moment, but our relatives zoomed in to lounge (on the TV) and we enjoyed them together virtually with a cuppa!

This month one of our Residents Edith passed away. Throughout her life Edith held a monthly coffee morning with her friends. At Windlesham Manor, we continued to host Edith’s coffee morning for her friends and many cups of tea,
warm conversation and Chef Martin’s delicious cakes have been enjoyed in the process! It felt very fitting that we should hold this coffee morning in her honour. We will continue Edith’s tradition of bringing people together over a cuppa
every month. Despite the current pandemic we will continue to do everything we can.

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Windlesham Times August 2020

Windlesham Times August 2020

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

At Windlesham we aim to join in with many national events to ensure our Residents feel part of the wider community. In August it was British Afternoon Tea Week. With our sweet tooth at Windlesham Manor, we were of course going to
celebrate this!

Chef Martin created a spectacular menu, inspired by Lewis Carroll’s famous novel Alice in Wonderland. The Residents
enjoyed a variety of imaginative themed treats from ‘The Queen of Hearts Jam Tarts’ to ‘Cherry Tomato Toadstools’. The scrumptious “Eat Me” cake and “Drink Me” mini bottles of Rose Lemonade, were such a fun touch (and you will be pleased to hear that nobody shrunk to the size of a tiny door on tasting!)

I would like to thank the whole team for their help.

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Windlesham Times July 2020

Windlesham Times July 2020

Henley Royal Regatta

This month we brought the banks of ‘The River Thames’ to Windlesham and celebrated The Henley Royal Regatta. HRR put together a virtual ‘Henley At Home Weekend’ in place of the normal Regatta, which we were pleased to join!

We of course needed a touch of ‘Henley Class’ and a welcome glass of fizz was enjoyed by all! A mixture of fresh fruit was added to strawberry sparkling wine and everyone enjoyed the bubbles and beautiful strawberry scent!

It wouldn’t be Henley without a spectacular picnic. Our Head Chef and the kitchen team created a mouthwatering homemade spread that was enjoyed by all. Suitably fed and watered we sat back and imagined we were on the edge of ‘The Thames’ and enjoyed highlights of last years races!

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