How often will I see the carers?

Carers are in the home 24 hours a day. There is a call bell for you to ring for any assistance.

How will the carers know what I need?

When you come to live at Windlesham Manor we will create a care plan for you where you can tell us i.e.  what time you like to go to bed and get up, which foods you like and dislike etc. this lets the care staff know how to help you.

I need a special diet.

Any dietary needs you may have can be catered for, although this should include a balanced nutritional diet for your wellbeing.

Who will come with me to appointments or the hospital?

A family member or friend would go with you. If not, a carer either from Windlesham Manor or outside agency can be booked to accompany you if you have no one to help you.

I have trouble with my tablets, I get mixed up.

If you have problems with medication we can help you look after this so you don’t have to worry.

Who will do my hair?

Sarah Matthews our activity coordinator is a hairdresser as well. Her hairdressing salon is open once a week. A price list is displayed in the hairdressing salon.

Who will look after my feet?

A chiropodist (foot care person) visits Windlesham Manor regularly, or if preferred you can keep to your own arrangements. I you choose to use ‘our’ chiropodist a fee will be added on to your incidental bill.

Will I see the dentist?

If you require a dentist our care staff will arrange a visit for you.

Am I allowed visitors?

There are no visiting hours. Your family and friends may visit when it is convenient for all of you

I don’t want to complain…

Please we want you to complain if you feel you need to. We have a complaints procedure which is available in the residents folder. Complaints help us to improve our service to you.

Can I go out if I want to?

Of course. Windlesham Manor is your home. All we ask of you is to let the Key holder on duty know when you go out and when you come back, in case there is an emergency in the home.

Who will do my washing?

All washing is laundered here at Windlesham Manor and returned to your room, all done by our laundry assistants.

What help can I have with my personal care?

We can assist you with as much care as you need e.g. washing and dressing and mobility. Except for nursing care which is provided by the community nurse team who visit Windlesham Manor daily.

What time do I get up or go to bed?

Whatever suits you. It is your choice.

Can I bring my TV and furniture?

Please do, providing the size of your room can accommodate it as your surroundings need to be safe for you. All electrical items need to be Portable Appliance Tested by us before they can be put in your room.

Can I see the doctor when I want to?

We will help you to arrange for a doctor to visit Windlesham Manor.

My family live a long way away. Would they be able to stay here when they visit?

It would be better for them to stay in a local Bed and Breakfast or hotel which we could help them find.

What if I became really poorly, would I have to move?

We like to say you can stay with us for as long as you wish. If we can still meet your needs that would be the case, but at times the decision is made by yourself, doctors, district nurses and your family what would be in your interest so you could receive the best possible care.

I have no relatives who can help me with my finances.

If you are unable to do this alone we can put you in touch with advocacy service that will help you e.g. Care Aware, Age Concern or Citizens Advice Bureau

We hope these questions and answers have helped you to gain a better understanding of what we can offer at Windlesham Manor. Please do not hesitate to ask any of the staff or the Manager if you have any further questions.