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Windlesham Times November 2022

Poppy Appeal

We would like to highlight and applaud the fantastic achievements of one of our caring Residents, who has spent a huge amount of her time knitting beautiful poppies to raise funds to support The Royal British Legion. We are delighted to announce that her hard work and creativity have paid off and she raised a fabulous £217! Well done!

Our Resident has been kindly knitting these beautiful poppies for many years to raise funds for the Royal British Legion and her kindness doesn’t stop there. She also knits teddy bears and blankets for the paediatric ward at Pembury hospital, including some blue and yellow items to support any Ukrainian children that may be on the ward. In addition to this she also knits adult blankets for her Church fellowship to distribute when needed. A true inspiration of kindness to us all. Thank you and well done!

All our Residents joined in to pay their respects on Remembrance Sunday, we decorated some beautiful poppy cupcakes and held our own service

Read the full November 22 Newsletter here:

Windlesham Times November 22
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