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Windlesham Times October 2020

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Five Star Food

A well deserved congratulations to Chef Martin and the whole kitchen team, who once again on our surprise ‘food standard energy inspection’ achieved an outstanding 5 Stars Food Hygiene Rating. We have maintained this top, excellent rating for 6 years and cannot thank the whole kitchen team enough for their hard work and dedication.

At Windlesham Manor the kitchen is truly the heart of our home. Everyday Chef Martin and the whole team cook the most delicious, fresh meals to cater to everyone’s taste. Throughout the pandemic we have definitely used food as theatre too. We plan many food based activities and celebrations that everyone can enjoy. Our Residents love food tasting activities. It is a lot more than the food tasting itself, it’s a lovely social activity that promotes conversation and debate. Food is also a powerful reminiscence tool. A nostalgic meal or a traditional celebration can rekindle so many lovely memories for our Residents.

The kitchen team always go that extra mile to make everyday special for our Residents and we take this opportunity to highlight their hard work and to say thank you!

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