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Windlesham Times July 2022

Duck Tales

This month we welcomed a little Duck into the world at Windlesham Manor. It was so exciting caring for the Duck eggs in incubation eagerly awaiting the first signs of life. We were lucky to have one incredibly fabulous duckling hatch! Jemima (or Donald) we do not know if it is a male or female duck just yet, as it is hard to tell in the first weeks.

S/he was gorgeous and was loved by our Residents (and staff) The cute fluffy bundle of joy, enjoyed lots of little cuddles with all our Residents! Jemima/Donald hated to be parted with us, so s/he was always kept amongst the action, even joining us outside for singing performances .

At night our little Duck did not like to be left alone and Sarah kindly took him home with her at the end of the day. The little duck went to Sarah’s exercise class and even accompanied Sarah as her mascot to her local Pub Quiz! They won too, so s/he was obviously a lucky Duck!

We have sadly said goodbye to our little duckling. Donald/Jemima has grown so much and has brought us so much joy. S/he will most certainly be missed, but we thoroughly enjoyed hatching and taking care of him/

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Windlesham Times July 22
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